Wolfin polymeric PVC

Single-ply, high polymer plasticized roofing and waterproofing membranes.

Wolfin products offers premium solution for flat roof renovation and building waterproofings thanks to its unique properties such as: high water vapor diffusion permeability, bitumen and chemical resistance, highest values of tensile strength and pressure load. Renovated roofs with Wolfin membranes dry out within a few years, result: long-lasting, economical and environmental solution.

Suitable for:

  • all type of roof waterproofing (renovation and new): mechanically fastening, loose-laid for ballasted roofs, green roofs, inverted roofs, cold-bonding applications
  • underground/basement waterproofing, wet rooms, kitchen lining, basins and parking decks

Can be installed on:

  • all types of insulation without separation layer
  • concrete, steel and wooden decks
  • old bitumen roofs without demolishing the roof, no separation layer necessary


Unique solution for every roofing and building waterproofing
Save costs, nature and resources for roof refurbishment projects
FM Approved (additional fire protection)
Conforming with LEED certification points
High resistant to chemicals, plant roots and rhizomes
Ozone and UV resistant
Lifelong suited for hot-air and solvent welding
Wide range accessories and system components
Free of flame retardants
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TDB Wolfin GWSK English Technical Datasheet English Download
TDB Wolfin IB English Technical Datasheet English Download
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