BMI Group

BMI Group is part of Standard Industries, the world’s largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer. Our roofs cover all kinds of spaces, from where we live, work, and learn to where we rest, play, or heal. Sharing Standard Industries commitment to anticipating future needs and unlocking possibilities, we offer a unique perspective.

We don’t see a roof for one purpose, but for what it could become and how it can help communities, build better businesses, and enhance daily life. Whether we are creating a hardwearing roof to resist the harshest extremes of weather or one that actively works towards a more sustainable future, BMI Group committed to providing peace of mind, progress, and improved quality of life. This is why, for BMI Group #itsneverjustaroof.

BMI Group was established following the coming together of Braas Monier and Icopal Siplast. BMI Group is the largest manufacturer of flat and pitched roofing systems in Europe, with over 150 years of experience and a footprint across Europe, Africa and Asia.

Middle East, Africa, and Turkey (MEAT) is a wide region and many countries that BMI Group will be supporting by providing the best roofing and waterproofing solutions that meet international and local regulations and specifications, while ensuring our expertise are available to answer any customers' needs. BMI MEAT is the team that will be supporting Middle East, Africa, and Turkey's requirements. 

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