Technical support during each stage of the project

Technical Assistance roofing and waterproofing

Because new matters can occur on a work site or because you need specific recommendations from the manufacturer - areas of use, installation, product consumption, packaging, etc. - the BMI technical team is available to discuss this in upstream phase. We rely on knowledgeable specialists who will work with you to develop the right solution for your project.

Our technical support team is working especially on any request you may have. We help you understand the specific requirements of your project, find the solutions the most adapted and assist all along the installation phasis, making sure every step of the works are executed properly.

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Project Service roofing and waterproofing

Technical expert are working hardly to support people who need traning and to learn how to use our systems perfectly on the ground. Trainers can come directly on the jobsite or before the job begin, to train installers and roofers. At BMI, we are not only selling products, we make sure there will be no issue installing our solutions, taking care of the details. That's why we have also different BMI Academy facilities where you can attend specific tranings.

Contact us: get support for your project quickly and easily: enter the information about your project in the form. You can specify special requirements under "Your message". We will get in touch with you in a few days.