For too long, the construction industry has suffered from a shortage of female workers.

Recent research estimates women’s participation in the industry at a mere 9%, a wasted opportunity to access a pool of untapped talent, and BMI Group wants to address the issue head-on.

The turning point

That’s where the BMI Women’s Leadership Network comes in. The network was launched in 2021 to foster a more diverse workforce, bringing people together and supporting them to succeed and deliver on their personal and professional objectives. 


A female network in our region: BMI Women's Leadership Network MEAT

It was crucial for us to create a platform for women in the Middle East, Africa, Turkey (MEAT) region to showcase their talent, voice their opinion to foster development and innovation. Gender equality is always important. The objective is to highlight diversity, promote inclusivity, and develop a series of meaningful initiatives to make sure every woman feels represented and respected.

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