Specification Support

We understand the value that proper waterproofing solutions add to projects in building integrity and human health. A well-waterproofed building also increases its property value because of its durability. Correct waterproofing solutions with sustainable and adaptable products become a necessity for all stakeholders and should be discussed as early as possible.

BMI peace of mind

We, at BMI, believe that each project is different and faces unique challenges concerning foundations, flat or pitched roofs, terraces, balconies, wet rooms, active roofs (green roof, blue roof, solar panels…), environmentally sustainable solutions, and more. What sets BMI apart is our vast waterproofing experience like tanking and roofs, creating a building envelope. We ensure that we take the time to listen and discuss all of your specific needs in detail to deliver the proper solutions and services to you.

Our team of experienced roofing specialists can help you identify the best possible solution for your roofing & waterproofing project, utilising our vast portfolio of solutions and system guarantees – whether that be repairs, re-roofs, or new buildings. 

We’re always here to assist through support for architectural design, sustainability, or cost-effective installation with guaranteed performances with our full range of solutions like underground work, roofs, civil engineering applications, acoustic issues, and more. 

Benefits of BMI Solutions

  • More than 150 years of BMI know-how & experience
  • Customized-waterproofing solutions according to the project and sustainability requirements in any climate condition 
  • BIM library (bimobject.com, polantis.com…)
  • Environmental solutions (depolluting membranes, PV, cool roofs, green roofs, blue roofs, solvent-free products…) complying with LEED and BREEAM requirements
  • International certifications (FM Approval, BBA, AVIS Technique…)
  • Technical support & training through BMI Academy, on-site supervision & training, certified installer network