Flat Roofs

It's never just a roof 

Whether industrial or residential building, the way we are thinking about the roof has changed. If the main purpose remains the waterproofing, our solutions could bring so much more regarding aesthetic, sustainability and performance to flat roofs.


To develop high quality roofs that form a cohesive part of a building’s design using the latest manufacturing technologies, our experts help architects to fully realise their vision and create inspiring roofs


We’re committed to long-term performance. It’s why we relentlessly push our systems to deliver the longest possible service-life from new builds to renovations and lead the way for future guarantees.


From materials that absorb pollution, to roofs that turn into gardens and living spaces — our active roof solutions are transforming urban areas and generating untapped value for your roof. BMI solutions can deliver new revenue streams which are both valuable and sustainable.

Bitumen, Synthetic or Liquid, you can choose among our innovative and diverse waterproofing solutions and find the one you need for your roof.