Teranap Expert

Large width SBS elastomeric bitumen geomembranes. The move upmarket is realised with a thicker product and reinforcement. References available :

  • Teranap Expert 300
  • Teranap Expert 400
  • Teranap Expert 500
  • Teranap Expert 600

Our geomembranes manufactured from SBS elastomeric bitumen, reinforced with a non-woven polyester geotextile. The reinforcement allows it to withstand mechanical stresses, along with any elongation induced by phenomena of thermal origin or circumscribed forces generated by the traffic. Its surface is coated with silica sand.

The binder ensures waterproofing: its considerable elasticity enables it to go along with the movements of the reinforcement without losing its properties and its elastic spring back enables it to accommodate the alternating movements of concrete cracks.


Chemical resistance
Ageing behavior
Resistance to high mechanical stresses