Falcon City, Dubai

Location: Falcon City, Dubai  
Building: Residential Building 
Size: 70.000 sqm 
Solution: BMI COBERT Logica roof tiles

Falcon City Dubai

The Project

Falconcity of Wonders is considered to be one of the most iconic projects in Dubai. It is a vast 380 hectares residential, tourist, entertainment and recreational complex shaped in the form of the UAE’s Falcon emblem. 

Why BMI Group?

Residences come in a variety of different styles, some of which with pitched roofs.
Following a careful and well-thought assessment process, the developer selected the BMI Cobert clay roof tile Logica Onda. 
Made with H-cassette technology and gypsum moulds, Logica tiles stand out for their superior quality. The antique appearance and the distinct profile evoke the aesthetic of the typical old Spanish roofs found in Andalusia or influenced by the North American style. The size of the roof tile (10.5 pcs/sqm) makes the installation easier and faster with a considerable time saving. This was an essential feature considering the project’s size (ca. 70.000 sqm). 

Logica Onda was recently improved and now the new roof tile, Klinker Hydra, has successfully replaced this model.