Gourre d'Or Neighborhood, France

Location: Cerizay, France
Type: Neighborhood Renovation / Collective Housing units
Size: 2000 sqm
Solution: BMI MONIER Feriane roof tile

Gourre d'Or
Gourre d'Or
Gourre d'Or

The Project

In collaboration with the city of Cerizay (79), Habitat Nord Deux-Sèvres launched a restoration project for the old Gourre d'Or neighborhood. 
The goal was to make the neighborhood attractive by adding green spaces and innovative architecture. After demolishing the existing buildings and between the various projects, 15 new collective housing units were delivered at the end of June 2016, equipped with high-performance functions (Effinergie + RT 2012) that will provide inhabitants with pleasant living environments and reduced operating expenses.

Why BMI Group?

This project was done by FBM Chauffage Couverture and the choice was quickly made: the Fériane® model was adopted because of its novel design. Fériane® allows for the perfect integration of the constructions into their new environment. Also, the tile's design allows it to utilize the large longitudinal assembly gap (4 cm), thus adapting to all roof configurations. It also means fewer cuts (no more cuts from 3.10 m of slope) and an optimized number of tiles and accessories (12 per sqm). 
Roofers also appreciated the grip and the well-placed installation marks, making the installation of the tiles on the roof easy.