Hillcrest Bridge, Mauritius Island

Location: Mauritius Island
Building: Bridge 
Solution: Parafor Pont

Hillcrest bridge
Hillcrest Bridge 2
Hillcrest Bridge 3
Hillcrest Bridge
Hillcrest Bridge

The Project

The purpose of the Phoenix flyover is to span the Pont-Fer roundabout, facilitate traffic and reduce travel time to and from the Capital Port-Louis. 

BMI Siplast has a proven track record in Mauritius where it successfully completed several projects with its partner PALCO WATERPROOFING. It was again selected for this project, considering the credibility and trust in providing reliable waterproofing solutions. 

Why BMI Group?

BMI Siplast partnered with PALCO to provide a waterproofing solution for the 315 meters long bridge deck. Over 5500 sqm of BMI Siplast Parafor Ponts, were installed in 7 days by 18 motivated workers. 

The result is astonishing: watch the video!