Hotel Hilton Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Building: Hotel
Roof Type: Flat roof
Size: 40.000 sqm
Solution: BMI Esha, root-resistant APP modified bitumen membrane and BMI Siplast NOxite depolluting membrane

Hilton Amsterdam
Hilton Amsterdam
Hilton Amsterdam
Hilton Amsterdam
Hilton Amsterdam

The Project

The Hilton Hotel Schiphol Airport is located near Amsterdam’s international airport. The diamond-shaped geometry, with diagonal patterned facade and rounded corners, makes it a landmark among the neighbouring buildings.  
The Hotel won the European Hotel Design Awards in 2016.

Why BMI Group?

The fulfillment of the sustainability requirements of modern construction was a “must have” for this iconic project.
Given the proximity to the airport, busy roads and polluted areas, the new Hilton Hotel opted for NOxite, an innovative roofing solution with unique depolluting properties. The NOxite roofing membrane actively purifies the air from polluting particles while ensuring long-term performance.
100 m2 of NOxite, clean up the amount of NOx (nitrogen oxides) produced on average by a car travelling over 15,000 km. The polluted air is converted into harmless nitrates, which are washed away with the rainwater. 
The adoption of green roof solutions for the lower roofs made the whole complex a landmark, not just for the peculiar shape, but for the environmental performance.