Le Domaine de la Coquillade, France

Location: Provence, France
Type: Hotel Renovation
Size: 1500 sqm
Solution: BMI MONIER Canal Midi roof tile

Le Domaine de la Coquillade
Le Domaine de la Coquillade
Le Domaine de la Coquillade

The Project

“Le Domaine de la Coquillade” is a charming 5-star hotel in Provence. When the owner decided to add more rooms to part of the hotel, he wanted the added roof to be reliable and integrate with the rest of the property.
The project required more than 1500 sqm of roofing. Following a detailed assessment process, evaluating several criteria, the Monier's Canal Midi tile was finally selected by the building owner. 

Why BMI Group?

Recycled tiles, initially considered for their authentic and natural look, were quickly abandoned. 
By choosing the Canal Midi Patinée tile, the roofing company, Renault Francis (Châteaurenard), suggested a solution that combines strength and landscape preservation.
This range of pressed tiles is recognized for its exceptional resistance (reinforced thickness up to 19 mm). Its light-veined old-looking surface imitates the effects of time on tiles (powdering lichen effect, bumpy surface...) to preserve the charming look.