Mountain Resort Edelweiss Austria

Location: Salzburg, Austria
Building: Hotel
Roof Type: Flat Roof, Green Roof
Solution: BMI Villas bitumen membrane

Edelweiss Salzburg Mountain Resort
Edelweiss Salzburg Mountain Resort
Edelweiss Salzburg Mountain Resort
Edelweiss Salzburg Mountain Resort
Edelweiss Salzburg Mountain Resort

The Project 

In July 2019, DAS EDELWEISS Salzburg Mountain Resort, a luxury resort in the middle of the Grossarltal mountains, was spectacularly expanded in two large-scale construction phases with a total cost of more than 40 million euros. In the course of this huge project, which is one of the flagship construction projects in the federal state of Salzburg, the main house was completely renovated with a lot of passion and attention to detail as well as personal commitment and then a new building was added.
The harmonious overall concept was created in cooperation with the interior designers Köck & Bachler from Fieberbrunn in Tyrol. “During the renovation and extension, great care was taken to ensure that the building complex fits perfectly into the hilly landscape, which is why a terrace-shaped extension made the most sense,” explains the project manager.
The Resort has stylish rooms and suites, premium suites and one top suite in the penthouse. A large wellness area extends over five floors and includes a 1,000 square meter indoor aquapark, an indoor pool, two outdoor pools (an infinity pool and a sports pool) and a separate mountain spa with a great view of the Grossarl mountains.

Why BMI Group?

The waterproofing of the various flat and green roof areas demanded the highest quality standards. BMI Villas solutions were chosen due to the eco-friendly footprint and long-lasting performance.
As an example, the polymer bitumen membrane Villaverde E-KV-5 wf is a 5 millimeter thick waterproofing membrane for green roofs, equipped with environmentally friendly and long-lasting additives to prevent rooting and penetration. Thanks to a polyester fleece, it is particularly tear-resistant and stretchable; it is also coated on both sides with elastomer bitumen and finely sprinkled on the top and laminated with film on the underside. It can be used as a lower, middle and upper layer of multi-layer systems - in new buildings and renovations as well as in civil engineering projects.