Mountain Resort Feuerberg Austria

Location: Feuerberg, Austria
Building: Hotel
Roof Type: Green roof, Park deck
Solution: BMI Villas bitumen membrane

Mountain Resort Feuerberg
Mountain Resort Feuerberg
Mountain Resort Feuerberg
Mountain Resort Feuerberg
Mountain Resort Feuerberg

The Project

Situated 1,769 meters above sea level, in the center of Carinthia, on top of the Gerlitzen mountain, the Feuerberg Resort is ideal for mountain enthusiasts or those who just love to enjoy the most stunning of views.
Due to the alpine conditions, the requirements for the pitched and flat roofs of the facility are enormous. 
There is no compromise in this area. The Hotel has not only to deal with extreme snow loads, but also has to withstand strong winds. The high wind suction forces create mechanical tensions in the roof structure.

Why BMI Group?

The extreme weather conditions demanded high quality solutions based on proven technologies.
To guarantee the necessary quality, the solutions from BMI Villas were used for the gravelled and green flat roofs as well as for the pitched roofs. The choice in favor of BMI was also made because of the valuable and prompt support provided by the local BMI team.
Individual solutions had to be designed to fulfill the requirements of the different roofs. 
For instance, the roof of the hitherto newest wellness area with a 25-meter-long outdoor infinity pool was largely covered with greenery because a sunbathing area had to be laid out on it.
The waterproofing of the car parking spaces was also a challenge for the team. An extensive green roof solution with a reduced humus layer was preferred to an intensive green roof because of the heavy snow loads. Moreover, an extensive green roof is maintenance-free and easier to care for.