Oodi Helsinki Central Library - Exposed Roof

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Building: Oodi Helsinki Central Library
Roof Type: Exposed Roof
Solution: BMI Siplast PARADIAL S (metal-faced bitumen membrane)

oodi library
oodi library
oodi library
oodi library

The Project

Home to 100,000 books and a unique cultural experience, this distinct library is designed by ALA architects and showcases a stunning white roof built with Siplast Paradial S White, a metal-protected Bitumen Membrane. BMI Group is honoured to have been part of such an inspiring architectural project. If it isn’t already, Oodi should be on your list of places to visit. It’s safe to say that you’ll never experience a library quite like this one.

Why BMI Group?

BMI Siplast Paradial S White was the perfect material to fulfill the creative vision for this roof because of its ability to mold into slopes and rounded shapes. Also, its unique transparent white colour creates a mesmerizing snow-like and cloudy effect. At night, the beauty of Oodi becomes even more captivating, illuminated by the internal lighting against the dark skies.

Paradial S is a high-quality modified SBS elastomeric bitumen cap sheet protected by embossed thermo-stable metal foil to provide insensitivity to thermal shocks. It is an exceptional product for unique design roofs with a wide range of metal surface colours like forest green, burgundy red, white, natural aluminium, light zinc grey, dark grey and more.