Roof Renovation Caribbean

Location: Caribbean
Project: Roof Renovation
Size: 10.000 sqm 
Solution: BMI COBERT Klinker Meridional Roof Tile

Roof Renovation
Roof Renovation
Roof Renovation
Roof Renovation

The Project

The project, located near San Juan de Puerto Rico, is part of a larger project in an exclusive golf course damaged by the Hurricane Maria, one of the most devastating hurricanes hitting the Caribbean in September 2017. 

Why BMI Group?

To renovate the roofs and bring them back to the original beauty, the project's owners and the project managers selected the BMI Cobert clay roof tile Klinker Meridional, one of the high-end roof tiles of BMI. KLM, as it is conventionally called, is  characterized by a perfected interlock, low water absorption, high mechanical strength and proven resistance against extreme weather conditions.  

The total roof surface was in excess of 10.000 square meters. BMI supplied the KLM roof tiles manufactured in Almansa, Spain, the Klinker accessories and some of the most technical roofing components. The BMI Technical Support team provided advice during each stage of the project.