Roof renovation with Coppo Domus roof tile

Roof refurbishment of an old countryside house finished with Coppo Domus roof tile to give a rustic surface and antique colour to preserve the aesthetics of the roof.

Location: Piedmont, Italy
Building: Country house 
Solution: BMI BRAAS Coppo Domus roof tiles

coppo domus roof tiles
coppo domus

It is crucial, in any refurbishing project, to choose construction systems and materials able to achieve the performance requirements set by today's building regulations. Here is an example of a refurbished country house combining the charm of the tradition and the technical performance of modern housing.

The Project

Villa Bice was a decaying old residential house with the typical features of the period of construction: load-bearing brick masonry, vaulted ceilings and brick floors.

Why BMI Group? 

BMI Group develops cutting-edge products and solutions to tackle the diverse challenges of redevelopment projects. 

When evaluating the project plan, Coppo Domus was the ideal choice for this refurbishing project due to the intrinsic ability to adhere to the rural landscape and evoke the remarkable aesthetics of the traditional roofs made with canal tiles. Since the tile is large, fewer pieces are needed per square meter (only 11.5 /sqm), making the installation process faster and the roof lighter.  

Coppo Domus provides an array of benefits:

  • Coppo Domus is inspired by the Italian landscape, its medieval villages, and the Mediterranean panorama. It is particularly suitable for renovation and restoration. 
  • It is designed to combine the aesthetics of a bent roof tile with the easy laying of interlocking roof tiles. The irregular surface finishing with a light veined effect evokes the marks left by the skilled craftsman.
  • The colours recall the warm tones of tiles aged by time.
  • As for every BMI Group roof tile, it is subject to rigorous tests, which exceed the requirements of the applicable European norms. Tests are performed at the BMI Technical Centre in Germany, a leading research and development centre with deep expertise in roof physics and the most advanced test facilities in the roofing industry. These tests ensure the fulfillment of the most rigorous qualitative requirements.