Tailings Dam, Tasmania

Location: Tasmania, Australia 
Type: Tailings Dam
Size: 20 000 sqm 
Solution: BMI Siplast Teranap TP 631 bitumen Geomembrane


The Project

The waterproofing of a tailings dam requires high quality materials, a strong expertise and skilled workers for the installation. This project was even more challenging due to the need for a local third-party accreditation.  

Why BMI Group?

BMI Siplast’s Teranap 631 TP, the highest grade geomembrane in the Teranap range was finally selected for this 20000 sqm project. Teranap 631 TP is a geomembrane reinforced with a long fibre non-woven geotextile and a glass fibre fleece.

Teranap 631 TP was tested and certified by a NATA Accredited geosynthetics laboratory located in Australia. The test results exceeded Teranap's published technical performance.