Assour Underslab

Premium acoustic solution for floating screed, with high mechanical performances.

Made of fiberglass sheet and surfaced by an elastomeric bitumen compound and a plastic film, Assour 22 Confort is a low thickness solution (< 3 mm) with high acoustic and mechanical performances. It includes a self-adhesive selvedge and is also the lightest and the most convenient solution to install, thanks to its low weight and flexibility.

Suitable for:

  • Acoustic insulation under floating screeds

Can be installed on:

  • New substrates: concrete slab, dry screed, wood panels, plywood, particleboard, OSB boards
  • Old hard flooring: stones, marble, tiling


ΔLw = 22 dB
Long lasting sound-deadening and mechanical performances
Complies with provisions for heated floors
Can be combined with thermal insulation


Length (m) : 20
Width (m) : 1 or 1.2
Thickness (mm) : 2.9
Weight (kg) : approx. 7.8 or 9.6, according to the width

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