Thermosolo® GS

Granule-surfaced Thermosolo® GS is designed with a special adhesive pattern on the bottom surface of a heat-activated adhesive strip, called Syntan® technology which enables free movement of vapor and to facilitate partial bonding. Its special polyester reinforcement provides excellent puncturing resistance. Thermosolo GS is developed especially for car parks with bituminous concrete wearing course whilst it is a versatile product to be also used for roof terraces waterproofing. 

It is applied as a single-layer waterproofing solution for both new buildings and renovation works. Use our solution guide to select the right system for your waterproofing needs.

Suitable for:

  • car parks waterproofing under bituminous concrete
  • protected roofs with heavy protection, inverted roofs
  • non-accessible exposed roofs 
  • insufficiently dry and temperate climates for the use of cold, self-adhesive systems

Can be installed on:

  • concrete substrates (even contain moisture like sand and cement screed, reinforced autoclaved cellular concrete slabs)
  • wood derivative panels
  • heat-sensitive insulation: polyurethane with bitumen coating of composite facing
  • old-waterproofing membrane for renovation work



Excellent performance for a long-service life
Very high puncturing resistance and anti-weathering
Avoids blisters thanks to the patented technology of semi-independent bonding ensuring good distribution of water vapor
High reliable factory-calibrated semi-independent application enhanced by red acrylic binder
Easy and rapid installation thanks to the Profil System
Bonds securely to certain heat-sensitive substrates (plywood panels)
Allows the necessary asphalt thickness to be reduced compared to a classical membrane


Lenght (m) : 1
Width (mm) : 7
Thickness (mm) (bitumen only) : 4.0
Weight (kg) : approx. 43 kg