Modern urban buildings incorporate landscaped areas and roofs, known as podiums/plaza decks. It is used to maximize space utilisation, creating friendly mixed-use areas such as pedestrian and vehicle-accessible planted areas, gardens, leisure spaces and car parks. Based on how the podium is utilized, the structure is exposed to different stress factors: water, moisture, root effects, structural movements due to traffic and contaminants. Podiums are complex areas with many interconnections that create complexity in the waterproofing of the structure, which is why it is vital to choose the correct waterproofing systems to prevent any structural failure.

BMI Expert

BMI Expertise work together with its clients to develop a unique, all-in-one system that can accommodate all types of podium uses: Graviflex System. The Graviflex System is a universal double layer system where GRAVIFLEX acts as the root barrier and PREFLEX is the bottom layer, both layers are torched to create a fully bonded waterproofing system.




  • Universal system for mixed-use areas such as podium/plaza decks: green spaces with pedestrian and vehicle access, car parks, leisure spaces
  • Continuous waterproofing system that can receive, juxtaposed, the direct application of all the corresponding additional protective finishes
  • Very high mechanical and chemical resistance due to the SBS elastomeric compound
  • Multi-technology used for “full compatibility of materials”
  • Root resistant, robust and durable
  • Excellent sustainable credentials

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