Fonda GTX

Protection and drainage board for below-grade walls and underground structures. Polypropylene embossed protection and drainage plaque with thermo-welded filtering (non-woven polypropylene geotextile).

Suitable for:

  • Protection and vertical drainage of exterior basement walls
  • Vertical drainage of structural below-grade walls

All civil works such as

  • Bridge abutments
  • Tunnels intrados
  • Cut and cover trenches
  • Drainage system for bottom of reservoir
  • Drainage of water infiltration and insulation against moisture inside buildings (curative treatment)

Use our solution guide to select the right system for your waterproofing needs.


High resistance to compression
25 % contact area on basement walls and other foundations structures
Quick and simple to apply under all weather conditions; easy to cut with a cutter
Range of accessories suitable for different substrates