Noxite Technology

NOx are as one of six greenhouse gases harmful to the environment. NOx particles are a major component of acid rain, which can damage both trees and entire forest ecosystems, and lead to an imbalance of ozone in the atmosphere that can be dangerous for humans. NOx is also believed to be a major aggravator of respiratory diseases such as asthma. Everyday, increasing amounts of these NOx particles are being emitted from households, traffic and industry.

The use of NOx-Activ membranes can help to reduce the negative impact on the environment. The surface of the BMI Siplast Icopal NOx-Activ membranes is covered with Noxite, a titanium dioxide which acts as a catalyst in the process of changing the NOx particles into harmless nitrates.
The process is activated when the ultraviolet radiation from the sun hits the roof.
Polluted air passes over the NOx-Activ membranes where the NOx particles are converted into harmless levels of nitrates and washed away by the rain.

Benefits of the NOx-Activ membranes
• the effect provided by the NOx-Activ membranes lasts for the entire life of the roof,
• take advantage from natural solar energy through the use of photocatalytic materials,
• decrease damage to public health,
• lower acidification of lakes, rivers and harm to forests,
• enhance visibility in cities, roads thanks to haze reduction.