Paradiene 30.1 GS

Paradiene 30.1 GS is a high quality SBS-modified bitumen cap sheet with a unique formulation blend. Self-protected with mineral granules or slates, it is developed for use as a cap sheet of double layer waterproofing and roofing solutions. Glass fibre reinforcement provides exceptional dimensional stability.  

Suitable for:

  • Non-accessible roofs for both new and renovation projects on concrete, steel and wood bearing elements

Can be installed on:

  • Concrete and masonry slab
  • Wooden board for external use
  • Steel deck

Use our solution guide to select the right system for your waterproofing needs.


High quality and performance
High durability with a long service life at least for 35 years
BMI Siplast patented PROFIL System for faster and perfect bonding
Innovative NOx-Activ® air depolluting version with NOxite® granules
Excellent sustainable credentials
FM Approved product
Can be applied in a wide range of temperature
Wide color range


Length (m): 6 and 10 (availability according to color)
Width (m): 1
Thickness on the longitudinal selvedge (mm): 2.6
Weight (kg): approx. 25 and 45 (according to length)