Paradiene JS R4

High performance SBS elastomeric bitumen base layer membrane of two-ply system under heavy protection.  Reinforced with non-woven polyester and factory-fitted self-adhesive side laps, PARADIENE JS R4 base layer is developed particularly for application on flame-sensitive thermal insulation boards. Sanded upper face and covered with thermofusible film on the bottom face, it is loose-laid under cap sheet.

Suitable for:

  • Non-accessible terraces protected with gravel ballast
  • Pedestrian terraces with concrete slab or with slabs on adjustable supports
  • Terrace accessible to vehicles with heavy protection 
  • Application on flame-sensitive thermal insulation

Can be installed on:

  • Concrete, steel and wooden bearing elements with or without insulation boards complying with local technical standards
  • Approved substrates for both new buildings and renovation jobs

Use our solution guide to select the right system for your waterproofing needs.


Premium quality with unique formulation of SBS blend
High durability and service life expectancy
Excellent resistance to cracking and puncturing
Flame safe application due to the self-adhesive side laps
Reliable water tightness for double-ply systems
Thermal screen layer is not requested on flame sensitive insulation boards


Length (m) : 7.5 
Width (m) : 1
Thickness (mm) : 2.5
Weight (kg) : approx. 25