Paradyl® is designed for the protection of flat joints for car parks in association with the Neodyl process. It allows for continuity in the paving of the main area above the flat expansion joints for light vehicle car parks and pedestrian areas. The system is used for both new and renovation jobs.

Paradyl® kit is fixed on to Neodyl® membrane and supplied in 1 m long kits for structural joints.

Paradyl® system is composed of:

  1. Supporting plates in pultruded resin
  2. Elastomeric rubber blocks interlocked with supporting plates
  3. Cover profile in resin, fitted to elastomeric rubber blocks


High resistance to climatic conditions
High durability to mechanical stress (joints and vehicles)
Easy to apply: lightweight and dry application
Convenient for maintenance
Solution without any mastic
Cost-effective solution compared to other solutions such as metallic joints