Parafor 30 GS

High performance SBS modified bitumen cap sheet, self-protected with coloured mineral granules or slate flakes. Polyester reinforcement provides excellent puncturing resistance. It is bonded by the torch-on method for non-accessible roofs.

Suitable for:

  • Non-accessible roofs for both new and renovation projects as a cap sheet of double-ply systems with base layer membranes. Possible double-ply combinations (not limited):
    • Paradiene S R4 + Parafor 30 GS for torch-applied systems
    • Paradiene FM + Parafor 30 GS for mechanical fixing applications
    • Adepar JS (self-adhesive base sheet) + Parafor 30 GS for cold-applied applications
    • SCR Alliance (mechanical fixing) + Parafor 30 GS for re-roofing works
  • Single ply applied for non-accessible roofs
  • Walkway membrane 

Can be installed on:

  • Concrete, steel and wood bearing elements with or without insulation
  • Approved substrates for refurbishment jobs


High durability with a long service life at least for 35 years
High resistance to cracking and puncturing
High fatigue resistance
Versatile product for different waterproofing applications
Innovative NOx-Activ® air depolluting version with NOxite® granules
Excellent sustainable credentials
Perfect complement for double-layer waterproofing solutions
Wide color options


Length (m): 6 & 8
Width (m): 1
Thickness on the longitudinal selvedge: 3.0 mm: 4.0
Weight (kg): ~30 & 40 kg

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