Parafor M 4 S

Parafor M4S is a very high performance SBS modified bitumen membrane with a unique blend formula and a highly durable polyester reinforcement, developed for single-ply and double-ply waterproofing applications. It is suitable for both new buildings and renovations of roofs and underground foundations.

Suitable for:

  • Single-layer applied under heavy protection: inverted roofs, gravel ballast roofs, tiles on adjustable pedestals
  • Under heavy protection for double-ply waterproofing systems: green roofs, accessible roofs, podium / plaza decks, technical roofs
  • Non-accessible exposed roofs with a cap sheet membrane
  • Tanking and foundations walls waterproofing
  • Pile Cap treatment for underground tanking

Can be installed on:

  • Concrete and masonry slab  
  • Underground walls

Use our solution guide to select the right system for your waterproofing needs.


High resistance to hydraulic pressure and chemicals
High resistance to cracking and puncturing
Excellent tensile and tear strength
Reliable and easier torching with grooved underside: patented PROFIL System
Secured overlaps joints due to the scarified fusible film on the selvedge
High flexibility at low temperature
Excellent resistance against root and corrosion (Parafor M4S Anti-Root version)


Length (m) : 10
Width (m) : 1
Thickness (mm) : 4.0
Weight (kg) : approx. 49 kg

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