Parafor Solo GFX

Granule finished, glass/polyester composite-reinforced, high performance SBS modified bitumen membrane is mechanically fixed over the steel deck with insulation board. Parafor Solo GFX JS version with polyester reinforcement is particularly developed for application on flame-sensitive insulation boards with self-adhesive side-lap joints to protect the insulation from torch-flame. 

Suitable for:

  • Non-accessible roofs on steel deck on insulation board / flame-sensitive insulations board


One layer, easy to apply with mechanical fixings
Easy and reliable torching of the side overlaps: patented system
When re-roofing, removal of the existing waterproofing system is not necessary
Suitable on flame-sensitive boards (Parafor Solo GFX JS version)
High resistance to cracking, puncturing and pull-off
Innovative NOx-Activ® air depolluting version with NOxite® granules
Excellent sustainable credentials
Wide color range
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