SCR Alliance

SCR Alliance is a polyester reinforced SBS elastomeric bitumen membrane developed particularly for use as roofing underlay for renovation projects. Upper face is covered by thermofusible film for torching the cap sheet and the under face with non woven geotextile to apply directly on the old membrane.

SCR Alliance base layer is perfectly combined with the BMI Siplast cap sheet membranes such as Paradiene 40.1 GS and Parafor Solo GS in order to provide full watertightness.

Suitable for:

  • Refurbishment of non-accessible exposed roofs
  • Base layer for wooden substrates fixed with nails or screws

Can be installed on:

  • Old waterproofing membrane onto concrete, masonry or cellular concrete, steel and wooden bearing elements, mechanically fixing.


High cracking and puncturing resistant
Save time and effort: no need removal of existing old waterproofing, fixed directly
Mechanically fixed, SCR Alliance absorbs the movements of the support
Eliminate the risk of blistering
No need extra separation layer


20 m x 1 m rolls
Roll weight: approx. 37 kg
20 rolls / pallets