Teranap JS

Teranap JS is a very high performance SBS modified bitumen single-ply membrane with factory-fitted self-adhesive joints that get strongly bonded together. “Bande Couvre Joint” covering strips are torched on the joints that fully secure the strong bond with a perfect weld. A double joint is thus achieved with only one torching operation.

Suitable for:

  • Accessible terraces under protection (paving tiles on screed, tiles on adjustable pedestals)
  • Non-accessible roofs with gravel ballast
  • Both new buildings and roof renovation projects

Can be installed on:

  • Concrete and masonry bearing elements
  • Old bitumen roof for renovation

Use our solution guide to select the right system for your waterproofing needs.


High-end puncturing and fatigue performance (F.I.T. classification F5 I5 T4)
High elasticity and tensile strength
Easy and quick installation: a single layer and a joint every 2m
Reliability: efficiency of a double joint, plus the width of the Teranap JS (2m) reduces the number of joints required
Versatile product for accessible or inaccessible roofs under heavy protection


Length (m) : 10 / 8
Width (m) : 2 / 1
Thickness (mm) : 4.0
Weight (kg) : approx. 101.7 / 39.9