Paracoating Deck

Solvant free cold-applied liquid for bridge waterproofing detailing works Paracoating Deck is a mono-composant MS polymer based waterproofing detailing product used with BMI Siplast membranes (Parafor Ponts, Paraforix, etc.). No need primer before application.

Suitable for:

  • Paracoating Deck is used for both new and refurbishment projects' structural upstands or details for bridges: headrails, piers, decks, abutments, technical ducts


Simplicity: a single-component cold-applied waterproofing liquid without need for primer
Quickness: allows you to carry out an important linear survey, in a homogeneous and perfectly adherent way
Easy: greatly reduces the difficulty of the work, compared to traditional waterproofing systems
Safety: Solvent and Isocyanates free
Everlasting: resistant to freeze-thaw weathering, de-icing salts and UV rays.