Paracoating Deck

Paracoating Deck is a solvent free, mono-composant MS Polymer liquid used for bridge waterproofing upstands and detailing works with BMI Siplast membranes (Parafor Ponts, Paraforix, etc.). It is cold-applied and no need for a primer before application.

The Paracoating Deck is applied in two coats (900 g/m² + 900 g/m² ).  Parathane Mat reinforcement fabric is applied between both layers if the support is not monolithic (e.g. concrete support and metal structural upstand).

Suitable for:

  • Paracoating Deck is used for both new and refurbishment projects: structural upstands or details for bridges such as headrails, piers, decks, abutments, gutters etc.


Easy application: a single-component, ready-to-use. No need for a primer.
High performance: perfectly adherent and homogenous
Long-lasting: resistant to freeze-thaw weathering, de-icing salts and UV rays
Fast application: allows to apply considerable amount in a short-time for upstands and details
Safe for operators: Solvent and isocyanates free