Parathane 2C TWP

Solvent-free, two-component, thixotropic, polyurethane-based liquid waterproofing.

Two-components polyurethane:

Component A : hardener and Component B : resin

PARATHANE 2C TWP is recommended for water tanks including drinking water. It has been certified for the waterproofing of drinking water tanks in accordance with European Directive 98/83 / EC.

Suitable for:

Waterproofing and protection of water reservoirs and tanks

  • Water reservoirs made of concrete (reinforced concrete, slabs, bonding screeds)
  • Prefabricated concrete bassin
  • Drinking water tanks

For other surface applications (metal or many other surfaces) and your specific requirements, please contact our technical team 


Excellent adhesion on different surfaces
Solvent-free: safe and harmless
Extremely hydrophobic and resistant to hydrolysis
Wide temperature range of use: from - 40°C to 90°C
Good chemical resistance


Kit of 24 kg = 4 kg + 20 kg (A+B)