Figaroll® Plus

Figaroll Plus is a ventilating dry-fix solution for mechanically fixing ridge tiles. The system is a modern alternative to a mortar bedded ridge and creates a discreet finish that is far superior in aesthetics and function. Figaroll Plus is made of highly resistant, high-performance materials and it is the most suitable ventilated ridge for the roofer’s needs.



  • Side skirting of aluminium, deformable and mouldable up to 50%
  • Double ventilation channel and innovative labyrinth system for optimal ventilation and total protection against external elements
  • High adherence through butyl tested strip
  • Protection strip with silicone
  • Reinforcement for nailing

Dry Ridge VS Mortar: 


Length (m) : 5 ml/roll
Width (mm) : 28 to 32 or 34 to 38 cm
Extensibility : 50%
Ventilation : > 150 cm2/ml