Sustainable Roofs

What is a Cool Roof?

A Cool Roof system minimises solar heat absorption keeping roof surfaces cool while under the sun by reflecting solar radiation (solar reflectance) and releasing absorbed heat (infrared emittance). A Cool Roofing product shows higher solar reflectance compared to other conventional roof materials of the same colour. 

cool roof 1


Why is solar reflectivity important?

Most of the sun’s energy goes through the atmosphere without warming up the air and arrives on the surface of the Earth (a part is reflected and absorbed by clouds and greenhouse gas molecules).

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The BMI Cool Roof System: 

It combines the benefits of reflectivity and ventilation and enhances the performance of the roof.


BMI cool roof system



    Why is ventilation important?

    Roof ventilation is essential for many reasons:

    • It helps prevent humidity that can wet insulation and affect its efficiency.
    • It helps prevent ice build-up and ice damming at the eaves.
    • It reduces algae and moss growth on the cladding because of better drying of the roof tiles.
    • It keeps upper floor rooms comfortable and cool during hot summer months.
    • It helps get rid of moisture and discharges steam, water vapour, and penetrated rainwater.

    Cool Roofs provide several benefits:

    • Improved summer comfort: less heat in the living space under the roof & less need for AirCon energy to cool down the living space
    • Reduced Heat Island effect with better climate in the city
    • Reduced global warming by CO2 equivalent savings

    Read our Cool Roof Brochure: