Metalroll is a ventilating dry-fix solution for mechanically fixing ridge tiles. The system is a modern alternative to a mortar bedded ridge and creates a discreet finish that is far superior in aesthetics and function. Metalroll is made of highly resistant, high-performance materials and it is the most suitable ventilated ridge for the roofer’s needs.


  • Unique width concept: flexible solution for all profiles of roof tiles
  • Patented CrepTec Technology: up to 50% stretch for easy and universal installation
  • Easy-to-Use: adhesive butyl-strips with soft & quick-releasing protection foil
  • Outstanding durability: full-width metal foil layer for high UV and driving rain resistance
  • Perfect ventilation and protection: strong ventilating fleece with stabilizing nail strip


Length : 5 ml/roll
Width (cm) : 26 to 32 or 32 to 38 cm
Extensibility : 50%
Ventilation: 110 to 240 cm2/ml