Rapidroll 390

Rapidroll is a ventilating dry-fix solution for mechanically fixing ridge tiles. The system is a modern alternative to a mortar bedded ridge and creates a discreet finish that is far superior in aesthetics and function. Rapidroll is made of highly resistant, high-performance materials and it is the most suitable ventilated ridge for the roofer’s needs.



  • One canal of ventilation for optimal roof ventilation combined with protection against the intrusion of driving rain 
  • Stretchable side strip & variable product width up to 39 cm
  • Robust full Alu-body ensuring high durability 
  • Drain holes allow drain of condensed water or possibly collected rain / blowing snow out of the one-channel


Length : 5 ml/roll
Width (cm) : 37 to 39 cm
Extensibility : 40%
Ventilation: 130 cm2/ml 
Packaging: 5 rolls/box