Wakaflex is the practical approved universal product for professional abutments at chimneys, walls and other rising structures, obtainable in a variety of colours.

Wakaflex® is a rollable multi-layer laminate, consisting of Polyisobuthylene (PIB) with an aluminium grid and butyl strips at the edges. The self-welding effect is an outstanding advantage which saves up to 30% time during installation compared with other products.

Wakaflex® should be used in conjunction with a connection strip which assists in keeping the upper edge secure to the abutment and thereby ensuring protection from water ingress.


Width : 180, 280, 370, 560 mm
Length: 5 or 10 m/roll
Stability: 50% roll longitudinal, ≥ 15% transverse to the roll
Composition: butyl rubber structure, aluminium mesh, butyl adhesive strips and protective paper
Protective Paper: perforated
Temperature Range : -40°C to 100°C 
Installation : +5°C to 40°C
Physical Properties : watertight, weatherproof and self-fixing

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