Villa Akasha, Mauritius

Location: Mauritius
Building: Villas
Size: 45 000 sqm  
Solution: Paradiene 30 NOx-Activ White 

Villas Mauritius
Villas Mauritius
Villas Mauritius

The Project

The prestigious villas of Akasha are nestled in a magical place, at the entrance of Tamarin, on the west coast of Mauritius. Bordered by the Tamarina golf course and the Rempart River offering access to the sea and forming a striking natural peninsula of beauty.
This unique site, a real paradise, overhangs 30 meters of lush nature and descends gently towards the river that flows peacefully to the mythical bay of Tamarin. 
The natural relief of the land naturally delineates the location of the luxurious "Village" villas, the "Mountain" villas, or the prestigious "River" villas from top to bottom.
Resolutely adherent to a sustainable development approach, this unique real estate project perfectly combines quality of life and harmony with nature.
Attention to detail in the organization of the living spaces and the quality of the finishes reflect the level of excellence desired by the developer.

Why BMI Group?

All Villas have to withstand the storms and cyclones typical of some areas of Mauritius and fulfill the sustainability requirements of this iconic project.
The BMI Siplast roof system was finally selected to match the demanding standard of comfort of these luxury Villas.
A total of 45,000sqm roof surface was waterproofed with a complete system including insulation and a double layer of bitumen membrane. To achieve the environmental requirements of the project, the system was completed with the reflective and depolluting membrane Paradiene 30 NOx-Activ White.