Parafor Solo GFM

High quality polyester reinforced SBS elastomeric bitumen membrane Parafor Solo GFM is the perfect combination of high performance waterproofing and easy single-layer installation. Developed for mechanically fixing over the insulated steel decks of non-accessible and technical roofs. Surfaced with mineral coloured granules, side laps are covered with thermofusible film (patented Profil System) for a safer and easier torch-welding. Mark-line with graduations alongside laps allows an easy and a correct positioning of mechanical fixings.

Suitable for:

  • Non-accessible and technical roofs: mechanically fixed single layer system 
  • Both new buildings and roof renovation projects

Can be installed on:

  • Steel Deck with insulation
  • Timber Boarding, exterior grade particle board or plywood
  • Substrates or Concrete and masonry slab
  • Cellular Concrete Slabs
  • Waterproofing substrates, consisting of bearing elements (other than steel)
  • Thermal insulation boards
  • Old waterproofing membranes

Use our solution guide to select the right system for your waterproofing needs.


One layer, easy to apply with mechanical fixings
Easy and reliable torching of the side overlaps: patented system
When re-roofing, removal of the existing waterproofing system is not necessary
High resistance to cracking, puncturing and pull-off
Innovative NOx-Activ® air depolluting version with NOxite® granules
Excellent sustainable credentials
FM Approved (FM Standard 4470) for use in Siplast Class 1 insulated steel roof deck constructions
ASTM tested (ASTM D 6164 Grade G, type I)
Fire rating: classified Broof t3 (EN 13501-5)
Graduated guide-line for a correct positioning of the fixings
Wide color range