Siplast Primer

Solvent based, elastomeric modified  bitumen cold impregnation coating (primer) with a short drying time. Siplast Primer is a perfect complement with BMI waterproofing membranes preparing the surface for excellent bonding and protecting against expansions and contractions of the roof, thus a full water tightness.

Suitable for:

  • waterproofing applications: torched, self-adhesive or bonded with hot bitumen
  • civil engineering applications (bridgedeck waterproofing)
  • metal edging and flashing

Can be applied on:

  • all types of substrates: concrete, masonry, wood and metal 
  • existing bituminous roofing membranes

Use our solution guide to select the right system for your waterproofing needs.


Universal primer for all type of substrates and slopes
Excellent penetration rate: perfect adhesion
High performance
Cold applied
Quick drying time
Easily applied with a brush, roller or sprayer