Supracoating RLV

Supracoating RLV is a bitumen polyurethane based, cold-applied liquid waterproofing system developed for the waterproofing of small points and flashings in difficult shapes or where torching is forbidden. It is applied 2 coats with a Parathane Mat geotextile strip.

Suitable for:

  • Waterproofing flashings / upstands:
    • When torching is too dangerous or forbidden (flashings under PVC joinery, skylight frames)
    • When sealing of singular points is difficult to perform (sunken gutters, complex flashings with corners, areas difficult to access)
  • Renovation of gutters (zinc, iron, stainless steel)
  • New jobs or re-roofing
  • Civil Engineering applications


High performance
Easy and safe application: ready-to-use, cold applied
Applied without a primer (on dry and clean substrates)
Jointless and seamless waterproofing for flashings
Versatile product for different uses
Color options
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