Verecran 100

A root-proof glass fleece separation layer manufactured by bonding of non-woven glass fibre, VERECRAN 100 enables a real separation of the waterproofing from the heavy protection (concrete) or from the thermal insulation boards in loose-laid waterproofing systems. Verecran 100 is also used as a chemical separation layer between PVC waterproofing membrane and EPS / XPS insulation panels.

Suitable for:

  • use as a separation layer between waterproofing system and bearing element (concrete), heavy protection or thermal insulation boards


Separating the waterproofing from constraints linked to movement at the joints of the thermal insulation panels
Prevent chemical migration between PVC membranes and EPS / XPS insulation boards


Length (m) : 100
Width (m) : 1
Weight (kg) : approx. 10.6