Mistral C

Waterproofing membrane for railway & road bridge decks under bituminous concrete or sand poured asphalt.

Very high-performance waterproofing membrane manufactured with SBS elastomeric bitumen and internally reinforced with a non-woven polyester textile. A sand asphalt layer or a bituminous concrete layer is applied on it. 

Can be installed on:

  • Concrete Deck
  • Steel Deck
  • Sand Asphalt or Asphalt Concrete

Use our solution guide to select the right system for your waterproofing needs.


Approved by the French Railway for the waterproofing of civil works fitted with concrete deck, prestressed concrete deck or metal deck
Outstanding resistance to ageing and weather conditions due to its elastomeric bitumen blend
Excellent coefficient of adhesion to the structure which guarantees prevention from slipping with a high resistance to the risk of blistering