Cut & Cover Tunnels

The waterproofing of tunnels is fundamental to the safety and longevity of any tunnel, whether it is a simple pedestrian underpass or a train line through a mountain. Underestimating the waterproofing might result extremely costly as repair options are complicated and time intensive.


BMI offers high performance and long lasting Teranap TP geomembrane and Parafor Ponts AR bitumen systems for cut-and-cover tunnel projects: traffic, rail or subway tunnels and pedestrian underpasses.
The flexible material can be easily applied to the shape of the underlying concrete and anchored in place. The membranes are resistant to chemicals and offer excellent mechanical properties, helping to reduce corrosion and long-term maintenance requirements. Our special technology to seal and proof the water tightness of the overlaps guarantees a maximum of security for the contractor and the end user.

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  • Excellent resistance to ageing of the Teranap TP and Parafor Ponts AR due to the highly durable elastomeric bitumen compound
  • Easy application by torching for anchoring and joints to concrete decks
  • Large width available (4-m) enabling very efficient and fast working process
  • High resistance to puncture
  • Compartmentalization

BMI experienced technical support staff work closely with designers and contractors, assessing a range of factors including soil type, water table level and site access, to deliver the most cost-effective solution for each project. For more information, case studies or for your specific project needs, please contact our technical team