The waterproofing of bridge-deck is necessary to enhance the durability and longevity of road bridges. BMI high performance waterproofing solutions, designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, help to prevent penetration of corrosive agents such as water, polluted air, carbon dioxide and de-icing salts that can cause the structural damage to steel reinforcements within the concrete. 
Our high quality bituminous membranes with outstanding mechanical strength are suitable for use on both new and existing surfaces and can either be manually or mechanically torched in place.


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Our product range for road and rail bridges:

  • Parafor Ponts: waterproofing membrane which can be directly covered by a tarmacadam wearing course.
  • Paraforix: the roadway is built under a fine gravel filled asphalt waterproofing protection.
  • Teranap TP (geomembrane): suitable to waterproof masonry or concrete vault bridges as well as the extensions of underground structures.
  • Mistral C: waterproofing membrane for railway & road bridge decks under bituminous concrete or sand poured asphalt, used across 80% of the structures on the latest TGV high speed rail line in France. 


  • Great adherence on the deck
  • Mechanical strength: elongation, resistance to breaking and to puncturing
  • Resistant to aggressive agents, weather conditions and ageing
  • Easy and fast application with mini Jet-Pont
  • Quality-proven, high performance products applied in the biggest bridge decks across the world
  • Suitable solutions for car parking waterproofing
  • Complete system solutions with full range of components to ensure the continuity of the waterproofing over the whole structure