Paradiene FM

High performance polyester reinforced SBS elastomeric bitumen base layer of double-ply waterproofing systems.  Paradiene FM is specially designed to be mechanically fixed with cap sheet membranes such as Paracier G, Parafor 30 GS, Paradiene 30.1 GS and Paradiene 40.1 GS.
Mark-line with graduations alongside lap allows an easy mechanically fixed installation.

Can be installed on:

  • Steel, wood and concrete bearing elements
  • Approved substrates for refurbishment jobs
  • Insulation boards complying with local technical standards

Use our solution guide to select the right system for your waterproofing needs.


High resistance to cracking, to pull-off and to puncturing
Absorption of substrate movements due to the mechanical fixing
Easy mechanical fixing and easy torching of the joint
FM Approved for use in Siplast Class 1 insulated steel roof deck constructions
Cost-effective solution for re-roofing projects: can be applied directly on existing bitumen membrane


Length (m): 7.5 or 12.5
Width (m): 1
Thickness (mm): 2.6
Weight (kg): approx. 25 and 43 

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