Green roofs

Intensive Green Roofs: 

For landscape development, the choices are vast and leave full liberty to the designer who will be defining the works within a specific green space project. Intensive green roofs (or roof gardens) which professional maintenance and advanced irrigation systems, are characterized mainly by depth of soil and variety of vegetation ranging from large plants or conventional lawns. Intensive or semi-intensive green roofs retain more stormwater than an extensive roof, which offer a great potential for design and biodiversity. It is possible to create accessible multifunctional spaces with roof gardens combining with walkways, driveways, playgrounds and even for swimming pools.

Discover our high performance waterproofing system: The GRAVIFLEX System comprises two waterproofing membranes; Preflex and Graviflex bonded together by torching. It is a universal system for different uses on the same flat roof or podium decks that can be used in a combination of areas: all types of green roofs, rooftop gardens for pedestrians, blue roofs, access for light vehicles, inaccessible areas with gravel or self-protected.

Extensive Green Roofs: 

Extensive green roofs can be categorized of its thin layer of soil depth and vegetation, ranging from Sedum species to small grasses and flowering plants which requires little maintenance and no permanent irrigation system. These types of extensive green roofs are accessible only for maintenance.