Air depolluting membrane

NOx-Activ® depolluting membrane

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) are considered to be one of the most harmful air pollutants to human health and the environment. Everyday, increasing amounts of these NOx particles are being emitted from households, traffic and industry. 

Today it is possible to combat pollution with our smart NOx-Activ® membranes, which is an innovation in roofing waterproofing and environmental protection, by transforming harmful NOx pollutants into harmless nitrates at lower levels. NOx-Activ® contributes to conserving the environment and improving the quality of life in cities. 

Our range ofNOx-Activ® membranes:
High quality, reinforced modified SBS bitumen membranes with a self-protected upper surface via Noxite® granules. 

NOx-Activ® membranes are suitable for both new roofs and renovation projects and can be installed on concrete, steel or wooden substrates for non-accessible roofs (only for maintenance access) and technical roofs. There is a wide product range of NOx-Activ membranes suitable for each application: self-adhesive, mechanically fixed or welded membranes.

Benefits of BMI NOx-Activ® membranes

• the effect provided by the NOx-Activ membranes lasts for the entire life of the roof
• take advantage from natural solar energy through the use of photocatalytic materials
• decrease damage to public health
• lower acidification of lakes, rivers and harm to forests
• enhance visibility in cities, roads thanks to haze reduction.