Monarplan® PVC

Whether it’s domestic or commercial, public or private; MONARPLAN membranes offer high performing, flexible and lightweight roofing systems with a proven track record. 

Able to meet highly challenging design briefs, MONARPLAN synthetic PVC systems deliver excellent thermal performance and airtight construction, thereby reducing a building’s carbon footprint whilst ensuring high quality waterproofing protection.


Suitable for:

  • Mechanical fixings on UV exposed roofs (Monarplan® FM).
  • Heavy ballasted roofs, green roofs (Monarplan® G)
  • Non-accessible roofs with a slope (>1%) including utility areas
  • Concrete, masonry, metal deck, timber or wood derivative bearing elements
  • installation on thermal insulation boards
  • both new roof or re-roofing projects
  • low, medium or high humid buildings


Lightweight solution, easy and safe to install
Hot-air welding: Perfect weldability, with good welding parameters
Large width rolls (up to 212 cm wide) for fast application
No seams sealing necessary
Highest quality offering exceptional long life cycle performance, reducing the impacts associated with environmental landfill and whole life cost expenditure (see BBA certificate)
High resistance against UV irradiance and all common environmental influences
Flexibility of the membranes suitable for variety of roof shapes
Smooth aspect of the surface to meet all aesthetic concerns of architects and building developers
High dimensional stability and tensile strength
Flexible also at low temperatures
High wind-uplift value
High SRI Values for White color option - Reduction heat island effect


Length (m) : Depending on thickness (15m or 20 m)
Width (m) : 1.06m /1.65m / 2.12m
Thickness: 1.2mm / 1.5mm / 1.8mm / 2.0mm

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